Pfaff Creative 4.0, a day for helping a friend : )

5:52:00 PM

Pfaff Creative 4.0 embroidery machine
It all started so well... Marilyn and I went out to buy a new sewing/embroidery machine a few weeks back. She asked me to come along because she knows that I love to spend time in the sewing machine shop and you cannot exactly hang out there like you can at Barnes & Nobles. You really need a bit of a reason to be there, they will ask! This was a great reason to be there and hang out.

Marilyn decided on the Pfaff creative 4.0 and got a great deal on the machine. I couldn't agree with her more because it's more or less the older version of my own Husqvarna Viking DeLuxe that I LOVE! We take the machine home and...

We cannot get a single embroidery design to load via the USB stick onto the machine. We try several USB sticks, try on my machine, no problem, try on hers, same stick and designs... nope, not working. Completely maddening experience. Only once by chance we got something to load but we could not repeat it.

On the bright side, she had a free lesson coming up so she waited for that. That was last week and the teacher could not help her. Marilyn was very upset and started to wonder if perhaps there was something wrong with her new baby.

Today we were here all day and we have finally figured out what it was. Comedy of errors really. All of a sudden the skies cleared... I formatted all USB sticks on my PC (I used my MAC until this time), loaded the designs, turned the machine off, put the USB stick in, then turned the machine on... and low and behold, all was fine and being read. The lady in the shop told us that the turn off turn on thing was no longer needed, hmm, I disagree : )

Marilyn just left and we have all designs organized and ready to go! The feeling that I'm left with is that the Pfaff Creative 4.0 is an amazing machine. From what I saw today, I would buy one in a heartbeat, well, if I did not have its big sister of course ; 0


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