We have arrived in Holland, The Hague

9:34:00 AM

It took a bit of doing but we have arrived in The Hague. I was still unpacking boxes in our new house in Houston when we were told that we were going to 'move' for 2 years This is the view from our apartment! I'll be traveling between Houston and The Hague while DH will be spending most of his time here.
Isn't it a grand view? Living in the penthouse, the top 2 floors, of a huge apartment building is going to take some adjusting, especially because I will have to cart my craft things around with me over the world but it's quite spectacular. Also at night with all the lights on in the surrounding buildings is a lovely sight.

We arrived with splendid weather and I'm making the most of it as I know that this will not last. yesterday I cycled to the beach at Scheveningen, that was a bit of a shock since everything is so built up now. When we left 20 years ago it looked quite different but I like a nice drink on the beach so all will be well.

Our house sitter has arrived at the Houston house, she will move out when we are home, very nice girl, so that has worked out well too. Now the wait is for my things to arrive and then I can start doing 'things'.


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  1. echt? wat ik hoor is dat de meeste weer snel terugkomen. Brr, moest er nog niet aan denken om terug te gaan.. But you never know. And never say never. Still Dutch too.
    O and biking is so great!! I miss the markets for fabric and veggies...
    Love, Wilma