Lilac Basics Baby Doll Sewing Pattern, 38cm

3:44:00 PM

Wollyonline Lilac Basics Baby Doll Sewing Pattern, 38cm
The summer is coming to an end and I'm behind my desk again. It is high time I digitized some more patterns : )

And here is the first one: My Lilac Basics doll sewing pattern will fit American Girl Bitty Baby* dolls. The pattern is now available in the Wollyonline shop in English, Dutch and German. It's a very cute pattern with easy to sew clothes made from soft jersey knit fabrics. These clothes will be favorites as soon as they are ready : )

The price is $5.95 and you can find the pattern here: Lilac Basics


*I'm not affiliated with American Girl or any other doll manufacturer. I create the doll patterns at home in my own craft room.

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