Happy Easter! I'm back in Houston

4:58:00 PM

Happy Easter to all!
My husband and I made a trip back home to Holland last week and it's nice to be back in warm Houston. Holland was cold, very cold. Quite a few records for cold weather were broken, how wonderful that we were there ; )

So far this has been one of those years where I cannot get ahead. Every time I think "OK, now I can start working again".... something happens. I'm a bit done with that and it's time to get going. My shoulder is doing quite well and so work will commence!

I wish you all a Happy Easter and a new digitized pattern should be there soon. Not all new, but a newly digitized pattern... sewing is still not something that I can easily do just yet.


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  1. Here in Canada it's just above zero. Awesome after a cold winter. Just a good day without all the thick clothing.

  2. De laatste weken genoten van uw leuke poppenpatroontjes.
    Mijn kleindochtertjes waren SUPER tevreden met de nieuwe outfit voor hun poppemiekes.
    De patroontjes liggen niet ver weg, want het blijft kriebelen.
    Proficiat voor de patroontjes + de Nederlandse uitleg.
    Het is echt genieten bij het in elkaar knutselen.
    Groetjes uit West-Vlaanderen België

  3. Heel erg bedankt Linde en ja, het blijft leuk om die kleine kleertjes te maken : )