Happy New Year & Plans for 2014...

8:06:00 PM

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Sundown Court, Santa Rosa, CA
Happy New Year to all! This is a bit of what I will be doing in 2014....

Our honeymoon, some 17 years ago, was a 3 week trip to California and we fell in love... with each other all over again but also with California.

A few years after that, when we were living in Aberdeen, Scotland, my cousin called. We were talking about nothing and at one point she asked me: "where would you like to live for the rest of your life?". Without thinking for even a second, I replied: "California."

And would you believe it, our building permit for our little bit of 'CA' was approved right before Christmas and in 2014 we will be building a teeny tiny vacation log home. In the photo you see the start of the foundation. It's going to be small, only 840 sq ft (about 75 m2) but it's going to be my dream home.

Getting the vacation home ready will pretty much take up my first 6 months. Not in the least because my dad and I will be finishing the whole inside.. I'm talking: putting in the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, painting and such. Good thing my dad and I work very well together : )

I will try and get some free patterns out so you can all keep on sewing and maybe even a new one... yes, I have some things ready but it will be quite a while... I'm picking out an HVAC system right now, yawn : )


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