Are you ready for a wonderful Sleeping Gown, Booties & Knot Hat?

2:47:00 PM

Good sewing patterns and cute fabrics will always make for something nice : )
This time I'm sewing a sleep set for baby dolls.

 Sleeping hat in the making.
A pair of booties underway......

And here they are finished!

I also love to knit, so my BB gets some knitted booties.

Here is the finished set of cutie booties

And now I'm going to sew the actual sleeping gown,
this is of course very much needed for a cute sleep set.
I also love Applique.... and I used my embroidery machine for the circles.

and my sewing machine

Some plastic snaps....

And here we have a fun sleep set for BB dolls : )

This is my contribution for this time, hope you liked it!!


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