50cm* Doll Patterns, Gotz® Sarah® & Hannah® Dolls

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For the Wollyonline 50cm* patterns I use Gotz® Sarah and Hannah® dolls, please note that I'm not affiliated with Gotz® in any way.

To make sure that the Wollyonline patterns in the shop fit your doll, you can compare the body measurements below

Gotz® Sarah® & Hannah® 50cm* Dolls

1) Total Height: 50cm*
2) Chest:25cm
3) Waist: 24cm
4) Hip: 28cm
5) Neck to Waist: 710cm
6) Inside Leg: 19cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 17cm
8) Head Circumference: 29cm

What are Sarah® & Hannah® Dolls?

Sarah en Hannah are tall, 50cm*, girl dolls that are produced by Gotz/Goetz/Götz Puppenmanufaktur in Germany. These dolls are sold under two names but they are exactly the same. The new catalog only mentions Sarah but if you search the internet for Sarah and Hannah, you will find them under both names.
I own a lot of dolls, that is no surprise, and when I compare these Goetz/Gotz® Hannah/Sarah with the other dolls, it's obvious that the quality is far superior. I think that together with the Käthe Kruse dolls, that I own, that these dolls are the most beautiful dolls in my collection.

The quality is outstanding, these dolls are flawless. The vinyl is beautiful in color, shape and feels superior. The hair is thick and great quality. Doll hair is something that I find very important and these dolls have fabulous hair.

Then there is the movement, Sarah and Hannah move beautifully. The joints are great and I love that there is no fabric on the doll so you can clean them easily. All in all, I can highly recommend these dolls to anyone who is looking for a wonderful girl doll that will stand up to lots of play.
This doll, Anna, is also manufactured by Gotz® and as you can see, she has the exact same body as Sarah and Hannah have. There is one other Goetz doll line that has this exact same body, those are called Zauberwelt. Goetz dolls are a little bit more difficult to find but are well worth the search because you will buy an outstanding doll.

*the box states that the dolls are 50cm tall but if you measure them, they are more like 47cm

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