36cm & 48cm Doll Patterns, Zapf® Chou Chou® Dolls

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For the Wollyonline 36cm and 48cm patterns I use Zapf® Chou Chou® dolls, please note that I'm not affiliated with Zapf® in any way.

To make sure that the Wollyonline patterns in the shop fit your doll, you can compare the body measurements below.

Zapf® Chou Chou® 48cm Doll Measurements

1) Total Height: 48cm
2) Chest: 36cm
3) Waist: 38cm
4) Hip: 44.5cm
5) Neck to Waist: 11cm
6) Inside Leg: 17cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 21cm
8) Head Circumference: 34.5cm

Zapf® Chou Chou® 36cm Doll Measurements

1) Total Height: 36cm
2) Chest: 27cm
3) Waist: 38cm
4) Hip: 34cm
5) Neck to Waist: 7.5cm
6) Inside Leg: 13cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 16cm
8) Head Circumference: 28.5cm

What is a Chou Chou® doll?

Chou Chou® dolls are manufactured by Zapf Creations®, the same manufacturer that creates the BABY Born® dolls. The baby dolls in the photo are all original Chou Chou® dolls. You can recognize them by their short vinyl arms and legs, the way the legs and arms are attached to the body and the way the legs bend.
 Zapf Creations® Chou Chou® Dolls
The largest doll, she is in the back (48cm), is the most well known. There are several versions of this same doll. Some make sounds, others have hair and others look exactly like mine. All these dolls have one thing in common, they are all the same size and can wear the same clothes.

The middle doll, left front, is 43cm tall and has been discontinued. This older Little Chou Chou® doll will fit most of the 43cm doll patterns that we have for BABY Born® dolls as long as the clothes are not tight on BABY Born® and made with knit fabrics. The newer Chou Chou dolls that are also 43cm, they look more like Annabell® these days, will fit all 43cm doll clothes patterns.

The smallest doll is 36cm and this Baby Chou Chou®, has been discontinued but there are still Chou Chou® dolls out there looking for nice clothes. Some of them have hair and they are very cute. Zapf Creations® is always working to expand the Chou Chou® line of dolls. The newer dolls no longer have these long fabric arms and legs but look more like the Annabell® dolls.

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