The adventures of Claire and her doggie Saar

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Hi everyone who is reading the Wollyonline blog. Here is my first story about sewing for dolls. It's exciting and at the same time I also feel a little nervous.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Claire and her doggie Saar. They are best friends, they even take showers together : )

Claire told me that she needs new pajamas and so we went to look for some nice pieces of cotton. And how wonderful, we found some great fabrics in the box at the attic. Now this is quite the selection!
Claire of course wanted to immediately start cutting the pieces but "hold on." I said: "First we have to print the patterns, then cut the pieces and after that we can start sewing. "Oh no" Claire said "that takes too long for me. Can you please help me? It's very cold without pajamas."

Shall I make a bathrobe too? A Warm and cozy fleece one, just for you? Claire did not want a pink one. Well, blue it is.
In between I asked Claire to show the result of my sewing challenge. "Hey, Claire why are you turned around?". "I'm a bit shy when everyone sees me in my underwear or pants." She answered. I tried and tried but Claire didn't want to turn around before she was wearing her bathrobe.
So I sewed and sewed and yes when it was ready, she was very happy to turn around and show her new pajamas and bathrobe. She even helped with pinning the fabric.
After some time (weeks oops) the nightwear is finished. Claire is so happy with  her new pajamas and bathrobe she asked for another pair for her Friend Jaylee.

And it shows that Christel's patterns can be used for an American Girl doll too. You just have to think about their lovely behinds. Jaylee's is a little fuller than Claire's. Ssshhht don't tell the girls Please.
The Wollyonline pattern I used in this post is the Goodnight Girl pattern for 50cm dolls.

Hugs from the girls and hopefully we will meet again,

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