A Royal Doll Dress because we are going to a Ball! 43cm

3:09:00 PM

Hi there,
Here I am again, a new year and a new dress!

My mum was in the mood so she sewed a dress for me.
Because..... I 'm going to a ball and some of my friends are coming too!

Take a look at all the pics and see how my lovely dress was made:

These are the fabrics and patterns.

Mum did some great sewing!
This time she left the embroidery machine to do his own thing

These little flowers made the dress complete
Well...sewing is done and it's  time to see how my dress fits:

First on a mannequin
Oops, almost naked me ;-)

Here I am Princess Tertia

The crown is made with the embroidery machine, so yes, mum did use it.
If you want the embroidery pattern for the crown, just use this link and contact Christel:

I want to tell you that my mum runs a Facebook group for people who love to make doll clothes.
If you like to join just hit the button, link below, and join! (It's Dutch)
My dear friend is going to the ball too and her "mum" Felicita made this dress for her:

I hope to see you next time!
Greetings from my mum: Liane

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