What have I been doing? MiloMila Handmade Fabric Dolls

8:42:00 AM

MiloMila Handmade Fabric Dolls waiting for their clothes
After 15 years of creating doll clothes patterns I have turned in a slightly different direction: Fabric Dolls. I first saw these kind of dolls on Pinterest and one day, a little over a year ago, I decided to make one. The first one I made with a Sizzix die cut.
MiloMila Handmade Fabric Dolls
It turns out that I LOVE to make these fun characters, it's such joy to see them come to life! But I of course wasn't entirely happy with the designs that I purchased and I have been overhauling the whole doll over the last months. The only thing that is left is the width of the neck, I have changed everything else... ha, had to do that of course!
MiloMila Handmade Fabric Dolls
Today I discovered that I'm happy with the design of the dolls and the various clothes and this will be the MiloMila doll design. Under the name MiloMila I will making these dolls.

These are not quick, it takes me a whole day to make 1 dressed doll but it's a JOY!!! And I'm going to keep going : )

I may turn it into a Wollyonline pattern at one point but for now I'm enjoying sewing them up!


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