Boy oh Boy, we are sewing a tracksuit for cool boy dolls

1:52:00 PM

Hi, all you people, here I am again.....

No I don't have a's a shame, because I would like to have one. My "mum" did make something for a boy and I am the model. Because there are a few cool boy patterns from Wollyonline for boy dolls: in Dutch, and in English, check them out now!

Well, we won't make it too long:
"Mum" used "an old sweater from herself" to create this one;
She cut the fabric and embroidered the shirt first:

You can find picture of the embroidery with the patterns
but my mum made a machine embroidery pattern from it:

You can get it from Christel If you like! She made these too:

Maybe you can use them too?!

 Sewing is my mum's favorite hobby

This is what she finished:

 Don't you think this is cool?
Just order this pattern and you can make one cool set yourself!

Felicita made her version of the boy set:
 She looks cool too!!

Till next time,
Greetings from my mum: Liane

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