My first creation as a Team Member

7:11:00 AM

Look how happy she is!!
Of course I would like to be a Team Member of the Wollyonline Blog.

But then... what to make?
I asked my daughter what she wanted to have for her doll. A bathrobe.
Christel sent me the pattern very quickly. So I could get started.
The pattern is called Flower Baby, it's for 43cm baby dolls and is sold in the Wollyonline Store.

I only have to keep in mind to take pictures during the steps.
And to read better before I start sewing...
Sometimes I feel like a man, doing first and then reading the instructions.
But I got it finished.

My daughter chose the cotton fabric, purple with dots.
I purchased softest fabric I could find in the cutest store here in the neighbourhood. 

I live in the Northern part of the Netherlands, Friesland, and in the beautiful city Workum there is a cute little store selling a lot of different fabric and more handcraft stuff.

First I pinned the pattern on the fabric, basted the pattern onto the fabric and cut all the pieces.

 Here you see the back placed on the front and I'm sewing the pieces together.

Yes, I can see it already, it's going to be a nice bathrobe. This is the first fitting and everything is looking good!

And here we have the finished bathrobe for a happy doll and a happy daughter : )

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  1. Nice work! Lovely fabric too!! I didn't know there was a blog, until now. If Christel want more help, I will be glad to sew some! I've got a lot of her paterns.

    1. Oh yes, I'm still looking for Team Members. You can find my email address on this page:!/~/pages/page=about

      I can email you the info if you are interested.

  2. I wil send you an email Christel! (in het Nederlands.;-))