Singapore 2013

5:34:00 PM

It has been a bit silent on the blog and that is because I was away to beautiful Singapore! My husband had 2 and half weeks of business there and I didn't want to be on my own, shhh don't tell him but I don't like to be without him for that long.

The trip getting there was LONG.... hours and hours of flying, I had a nice seat but it certainly was very very long. Yes, making a trip halfway around the world is a luxury and flying there is a luxury problem I realize : )

We used to live in Manila some 12 years ago and so I had been to Singapore before but I had forgotten how expensive everything is. Grief, in the hotel the buffet breakfast was $40, how can that possibly be? How can any breakfast cost that much?

The one thing that was great, was the hot tea. It comes just like in the UK in a little pot. I love hot tea with milk and here in Houston that is not very common so I had a tremendous time drinking tea.

I saw some beautiful sights and because it's a very safe place I could venture out on my own on the MRT everyday while Martijn was at work. I went to China Town and Little India where beautiful fabrics are sold... I didn't buy any... there were so many to choose from that I got confused... I really should have... too late.

Cheers & I'm happy to be back!

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