Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Time to find my hobby again, time for a drastic change

It's been very quiet on my pattern blogs and it has taken me forever to figure out what was happening to me. The only thing I noticed is that I was no longer sewing, didn't enjoy it anymore, where before sewing was my everyday joy.... sitting in my room, happily sewing away, always doll clothes, it never got old.

Then slowly it did, it did get old and I as no longer sewing... anything.... nothing came out of my hands and I didn't understand why. The joy somehow had disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

My husband noticed it too and he was the one who told me: "It's because you know that as soon as you finish a pattern you have to sit at the computer for a long time to make it ready for the website. So you don't sew because you don't want to do the computer part." Very matter of fact, nothing fancy...

And he was right! He is clever, he always was and as soon as I purposely made some things for fun, just for fun, no pattern involved, things were finished in no time, machines were polished up, fabrics pulled out, combinations made... the joy was back in full force! My joy in sewing doll clothes returned just like that!

And there you have it, the reason I'm no longer making patterns is that I was spending far too much time in front of a screen, hours every day, for work and then extra hours to make patterns... it was making me unhappy and ruining a hobby that I love so dearly. And now that I'm no longer making patterns, I'm happily sewing away again, what joy!

Sewing is a great hobby. I will keep sewing and will post the photos of what I make on this blog with the hope to inspire others. To make sure that you can copy what I'm doing, in case you want to get started too, I will make sure to add the patterns I used, not my own : ), and other things that may be relevant to the posts.

I have a ton of things to show you on the MiloMila Blog. Right now I'm moving all AG posts over to the MiloMila Blog where they belong and then I will show what I have been up to the last few weeks, it's A LOT. American Girl Dolls are the dolls I'm sewing for right now because I have to sew for my niece and I'm going completely overboard, found my joy in a BIG way! My niece is not going to get all these clothes, ha, she would be completely overwhelmed at the age of 7!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Selling Wollyonline Doll Clothes, Shoes & Dolls

All these original Wollyonline Doll clothes will be for sale.

As some of you know, we recently moved back to Holland for 2 years and as expected our house in The Hague is a bit smaller than our Houston house : )

To make space I will be selling the original Wollyonline Doll Clothes, yes, the ones that you see on the website. Over the years I have given a lot away but a lot still remains, it's hard for me to let go.... but it needs to be done, there simply is not enough space and my husband really needs an office, ha.

Together with the clothes I will be selling the doll shoes that we used to sell on the site, I have kept 1 of each and I will also start selling the duplicate dolls that I have.

If there is anything that you would like, please let me know and I can see if I can keep it for you. You can see my email address here: About Wollyonline. Everything will be listed on the Dutch Marktplaats site.

Once all this is done, I can start fresh in my new uncluttered space, hooray : )



Zoals velen van jullie al weten, we zijn in Mei teruggekomen naar Nederland en zoals verwacht is on huis in Den Haag een behoorlijk stukje kleiner dan het huis in Houston.

Omdat ik ruimte tekort heb ga ik de originele Wollyonline Poppenkleertjes, poppenschoentjes en dubbele poppen die ik heb verkopen. Ja, dat is alles wat je ziet op de website. Ik heb over de jaren al veel weggeven maar er is toch nog heel veel over. Ik kan maar moeilijk afstand doen van de kleertjes... maar het is tijd. Mijn man heeft toch echt een kantoor nodig : )

Mocht je iets gezien hebben dat je altijd al graag hebt willen hebben, laat het me even weten. Je kunt mijn email adres op deze pagina vinden: About Wollyonline. Alles zal straks op Marktplaats aangeboden worden.

Zodra ik weer ruimte heb in mijn mooi georganiseerde werkkamer kan ik weer fris aan de slag ; )


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Loading the last patterns in California

My view from our deck where I'm loading the last patterns onto the new site
It's warm, oh so warm here in Santa Rosa CA, and we are sitting on our deck, my husband is working and I'm loading the last patterns onto the new Wollyonline website.

Tomorrow we will be going home to The Hague again. I will miss our log cabin but it's nice to be near my family too : )


Het is hier warm, heel erg warm. We zitten op het dek van onze blokhut in California. Mijn uitzicht zie je op de foto. Martijn is aan het werk en ik ben de laatste patronen op de nieuwe Wollyonline site aan het zetten. Er is genoeg te doen....

Morgen gaan we weer weg, terug naar Den Haag, ik zal het hier missen maar het is ook weer leuk om naar huis te gaan waar de familie is. We zijn al lang genoeg weggeweest.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

We have arrived in Holland, The Hague

It took a bit of doing and the cat is terrified of heights we found out but we have arrived in The Hague. This is the view from our apartment!
Isn't it grand? For the next 2 years we will be living on the top 2 floors of a huge apartment building and I could not wish for anything more : ). It's quite spectacular at night with all the lights on in the surrounding buildings.

We arrived with splendid weather and I'm making the most of it as I know that this will not last. yesterday I cycled to the beach at Scheveningen, that was a bit of a shock since everything is so built up now. When we left 20 years ago it looked quite different but I like a nice drink on the beach so all will be well.

As long as our 16 year old cat starts eating, she has only been nibbling but is not ill in any way other than getting used to her new surroundings, we will all be happy here.

Our house sitter has arrived at the Houston house so that has worked out well too. Now the wait is for my things to arrive and then I can start doing 'things'.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

38cm Doll Patterns, Pleasant Company® Bitty Baby® Dolls

For the Wollyonline 38cm patterns I use Pleasant Company® Bitty Baby® dolls, please note that I'm not affiliated with Pleasant Company® in any way.

To make sure that the Wollyonline patterns in the shop fit your doll, you can compare the body measurements below.

Pleasant Company® Bitty Baby® Doll Measurements

1) Total Height: 38cm
2) Chest: 31cm
3) Waist: 31cm
4) Hip: 35cm
5) Neck to Waist: 8cm
6) Inside Leg: 15cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 16cm
8) Head Circumference: 32cm

What is a Bitty Baby® doll?

Bitty Baby®, Maxi Muffin® and Lil' Pumpkin® are all exactly the same dolls. The faces are a little different but the bodies are the same. Bitty Baby® is produced by the Pleasant Company® and the other two are manufactured by Gotz.® They are really well made cute little baby dolls.

Pleasant Company® Bitty Baby® Doll

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Moving to Holland after 20 years

Moving to Holland after 20 years

We have had some crazy months at the Dekker house. We bought a new house in Houston in January 2016 and 3 weeks later a wonderful job opportunity in Holland, Den Haag, became available, my oh my what to do? We discussed it for hours and kept arriving at the same conclusion: after having been away for 20 years, a few years in Holland seemed like a great adventure and we have decided to move!

It will not be forever, only a few years, but it's going to be so much fun to be back. Nothing much will change for Wollyonline except that there will be a European time difference from May onward.


Friday, April 29, 2016

50cm* Doll Patterns, Gotz® Sarah® & Hannah® Dolls

For the Wollyonline 50cm* patterns I use Gotz® Sarah and Hannah® dolls, please note that I'm not affiliated with Gotz® in any way.

To make sure that the Wollyonline patterns in the shop fit your doll, you can compare the body measurements below

Gotz® Sarah® & Hannah® 50cm* Dolls

1) Total Height: 50cm*
2) Chest:25cm
3) Waist: 24cm
4) Hip: 28cm
5) Neck to Waist: 710cm
6) Inside Leg: 19cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 17cm
8) Head Circumference: 29cm

What are Sarah® & Hannah® Dolls?

Sarah en Hannah are tall, 50cm*, girl dolls that are produced by Gotz/Goetz/Götz Puppenmanufaktur in Germany. These dolls are sold under two names but they are exactly the same. The new catalog only mentions Sarah but if you search the internet for Sarah and Hannah, you will find them under both names.
I own a lot of dolls, that is no surprise, and when I compare these Goetz/Gotz® Hannah/Sarah with the other dolls, it's obvious that the quality is far superior. I think that together with the Käthe Kruse dolls, that I own, that these dolls are the most beautiful dolls in my collection.

The quality is outstanding, these dolls are flawless. The vinyl is beautiful in color, shape and feels superior. The hair is thick and great quality. Doll hair is something that I find very important and these dolls have fabulous hair.

Then there is the movement, Sarah and Hannah move beautifully. The joints are great and I love that there is no fabric on the doll so you can clean them easily. All in all, I can highly recommend these dolls to anyone who is looking for a wonderful girl doll that will stand up to lots of play.
This doll, Anna, is also manufactured by Gotz® and as you can see, she has the exact same body as Sarah and Hannah have. There is one other Goetz doll line that has this exact same body, those are called Zauberwelt. Goetz dolls are a little bit more difficult to find but are well worth the search because you will buy an outstanding doll.

*the box states that the dolls are 50cm tall but if you measure them, they are more like 47cm

Thursday, April 7, 2016

36cm & 48cm Doll Patterns, Zapf® Chou Chou® Dolls

For the Wollyonline 36cm and 48cm patterns I use Zapf® Chou Chou® dolls, please note that I'm not affiliated with Zapf® in any way.

To make sure that the Wollyonline patterns in the shop fit your doll, you can compare the body measurements below.

Zapf® Chou Chou® 48cm Doll Measurements

1) Total Height: 48cm
2) Chest: 36cm
3) Waist: 38cm
4) Hip: 44.5cm
5) Neck to Waist: 11cm
6) Inside Leg: 17cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 21cm
8) Head Circumference: 34.5cm

Zapf® Chou Chou® 36cm Doll Measurements

1) Total Height: 36cm
2) Chest: 27cm
3) Waist: 38cm
4) Hip: 34cm
5) Neck to Waist: 7.5cm
6) Inside Leg: 13cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 16cm
8) Head Circumference: 28.5cm

What is a Chou Chou® doll?

Chou Chou® dolls are manufactured by Zapf Creations®, the same manufacturer that creates the BABY Born® dolls. The baby dolls in the photo are all original Chou Chou® dolls. You can recognize them by their short vinyl arms and legs, the way the legs and arms are attached to the body and the way the legs bend.
 Zapf Creations® Chou Chou® Dolls
The largest doll, she is in the back (48cm), is the most well known. There are several versions of this same doll. Some make sounds, others have hair and others look exactly like mine. All these dolls have one thing in common, they are all the same size and can wear the same clothes.

The middle doll, left front, is 43cm tall and has been discontinued. This older Little Chou Chou® doll will fit most of the 43cm doll patterns that we have for BABY Born® dolls as long as the clothes are not tight on BABY Born® and made with knit fabrics. The newer Chou Chou dolls that are also 43cm, they look more like Annabell® these days, will fit all 43cm doll clothes patterns.

The smallest doll is 36cm and this Baby Chou Chou®, has been discontinued but there are still Chou Chou® dolls out there looking for nice clothes. Some of them have hair and they are very cute. Zapf Creations® is always working to expand the Chou Chou® line of dolls. The newer dolls no longer have these long fabric arms and legs but look more like the Annabell® dolls.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

32cm Doll Patterns, Zapf® My Little BABY Born® Dolls

For the Wollyonline 32cm patterns I use Zapf® My Little BABY Born® dolls, please note that I'm not affiliated with Zapf® in any way.

To make sure that the Wollyonline patterns in the shop fit your doll, you can compare the body measurements below. There are 2 types of little baby born dolls: Soft Body and Hard Body. They will fit the same clothes, for the hard bodied dolls you will need to add 2cm extra elastic to the waist and shorten long sleeves with 2cm.

Zapf® My Little BABY Born® 32cm Doll, soft body

1) Total Height: 32cm
2) Chest: 24cm
3) Waist: 23cm
4) Hip: 25cm
5) Neck to Waist: 7.5cm
6) Inside Leg: 10cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 14cm
8) Head Circumference: 26cm

Zapf® My Little BABY Born® 32cm Doll, hard body

1) Total Height: 32cm
2) Chest: 21cm
3) Waist: 23cm
4) Hip: 26cm
5) Neck to Waist: 8cm
6) Inside Leg: 10.5cm
7) Arm & Shoulder Length: 12cm
8) Head Circumference: 24cm

What is a My Little BABY Born® doll?

My little BABY Born® is the little sister of the well know Zapf BABY Born® dolls. She is 32cm tall and there are several versions of this cute little doll.

Below you see the soft body dolls. These are the dolls that I used to design Little Sisters and Baby on Board. The clothes in these patterns will also fit the hard bodied My Little BABY Born dolls*. You will need to add 2cm elastic to the waist for the hard bodied dolls and reduce the long sleeve length 2cm.
The dark colored doll is no longer in production and is very hard to find
There are also hard bodied dolls. These come in a variety of colors, functions and with and without hair.

*Please note that the diaper will not fit the hard bodied dolls.