Merry Christmas!

5:23:00 PM

Free BABY Born* Cape Pattern is available for direct download!

Free Doll Clothes Patterns 8:11:00 PM

Phew, free pattern on the way.. : )

7:56:00 PM

My Unoa Lusis Doll, Japanese Ball Jointed Dolls

7:56:00 PM

Site is up and running, download not so much

4:28:00 PM

We have moved servers and there is trouble : )

6:43:00 AM

Singapore 2013

5:34:00 PM

Klasse Klantenwerk Saskia van Dalen

5:20:00 PM

New FREE Wollyonline Baby Doll Owl Hat Pattern : )

Free Doll Clothes Patterns 2:36:00 PM

Dress Magic is available... : )

Doll Patterns 43cm 12:50:00 PM

Annual Sale 30% Discount, Sat 20th thru Mon 22nd

4:26:00 PM

Beautiful Moments in a Blessed Life

3:29:00 PM

Oh Dear, a mistake in The Baby Room Pattern

10:12:00 AM

The Baby Room is available, 3 days 30% discount!

Doll Patterns 32cm - 38cm 3:58:00 PM

Happy Easter! I'm back in Houston

4:58:00 PM

Lovely Basics for Baby Dolls, 48cm, is available

Doll Patterns 46cm - 48cm 3:29:00 PM

Winter Fleece for 46cm dolls is now available

Doll Patterns 46cm - 48cm 1:33:00 PM

Why there have been no new patterns...

11:12:00 AM

Klasse Klantenwerk, Evelyne Vereecke

8:12:00 AM