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Unoa Lusis and BABY Born
So what do I do in my free time?.... Well, I play a lot of tennis.... and just like you, I like to sew doll clothes, ha, you never guessed : ). It's great fun to do, they are small. I love the way they look so tiny and cute.

When I was in Singapore I went to the Kinokuniya bookstore and I found some books on Ball Jointed Dolls. I had never seen these dolls before, they are dolls that look like cartoon people in a very flattering way.

Sewing small detailed doll clothes has always been on my wishlist and as soon as I saw these, I knew that these dolls would of course be perfect for sewing just that! Their proportions are fantastic for detailed sewing. So I bought a few pattern books, admittedly I'm already irritated with some of the designs : ) but still, when I got home I tried and managed to find a hybrid Unoa Lusis doll.

She arrived 'nekkid' without hair or eyes, I had to find those too, but here she is. Above you see my Unoa Lusis hybrid doll and our own BABY Born doll. Yes, they really are the same height. It's so strange to see them together. This massive baby and this small human.

And as you can see, my poor Unoa Lusis is in dire need of clothes and I will start sewing her a nice wardrobe tomorrow... I'll keep you posted.


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  1. Think I'll stick to Baby Born, easier size to work with :)

  2. hi! Your shop-site is not avaiable this moment :( I just wanted to by a doll pattern. When is the shop online again?

    Nicole from Germany