Wollyonline is being renewed

8:54:00 AM

Happy Easter!

My oh my, I have had a few very crazy days, the server that hosts the Wollyonline website was hacked and these bad people put all sorts of crazy stuff up there. This unfortunately happens sometimes, I don't understand why people do this but it is a fact of web-life.

Please do not worry, your payment information is safe, all this is handled by PayPal and has nothing to do with the website. Payments are completely separate for that exact reason.

As a result, I'm now building a completely new Wollyonline shop, on a separate server and that is why Wollyonline.com cannot be reached at this point. You can always reach me at: crhistel.wollyonline@gmail.com

This blog will also need an overhaul because the new shop cannot host all information and you are seeing that I have started that part already : )

Please email me with any questions, I'm working on getting everything up and running again.


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  1. Pain you have all that work to do setting up again, but am glad to see you are still updating Wollyonline. I love your patterns and have made quite a few.