Tadaaaaa - a display doll is born

8:00:00 AM

My second Wollyonline project is made from wood instead of fabric. A display doll from the Flower Baby pattern pack looked like something I both wanted and needed for my sewing table, so I decided to make one. 

Still optimistic at this stage. Pattern is cut, and wood is bought.

Working on the body, and using a jigsaw was both fun and challenging. 
I soon found out it took more wood working skills than what I´ve got though.
      Did I ask for help? No :)
Should I have asked for help? Maybe...maybe not... 

Here it is, all done! It´s rough, wonky, wobbly, and ugly. But, I made it myself, and I absolutely love it! My two next projects will be to find a name for it, and also to sew Wollyonline clothes for it. I´ll maybe even make one or two more to keep it company :)


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