Customers Create: Carla Veldhuizen & Happy Camper

9:26:00 AM

This time for our Customers Create Showcase we see the fabulous tent and sleeping bag created by Carla Veldhuizen. This is not a small project and combining the fabrics will take some time. But once it;s ready, it's about the best toy there is!

Carla did a great job and it's It's a lovely crisp green and yellow combination for the outdoor style that is very hip these days. The dolls seem to be quite content with it all. Look at this one happily lounging ❤️.

A glamour shot from inside the tent where the dolls are having a grand time is very much part of this showcase of course.

The pattern for the Tent and Sleeping bag, plus quite a few more things, can be found on the Wollyonline website: Happy Camper

Cheers and Have a Great Day,
Christel Dekker

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  1. Dank je wel Christel voor dit mooie artikel. Alle lof voor jouw perfecte patronen.