Beautiful Moments in a Blessed Life

3:29:00 PM

The last few weeks I'm noticing more and more that my husband and I lead a very blessed life. I see my friends struggling with the economic downturn, some have to move to a new city for new job, they are the lucky ones since they have jobs. Some have to sell their house because they can no longer afford the crazy mortgage that seemed like a good idea a year or so ago but not so brilliant now that salaries have been frozen for a few years or jobs have been lost.

There are some girlfriends who can no longer stay at home, no, they have to start working. And none if this applies to me, yet! Oh, yes, I'm very much aware of the fact that one of these could apply to me any day, I'm in no way special and these things seem to be happening quite randomly and to good people.

Then there are more severe losses of family members who die too young, kids spiraling out of control and ending up in all sorts of serious trouble. It's amazing what all happens in your life and the lives of those around you when you look back just a few months.

It's not that everything was always easy for us, no, not exactly. There are no children and that was not our choice. Then a few years ago I had to deal with cancer, an easy cancer in my case, detected early and not a 'bad' one anyway, thyroid cancer. But still, that was a year of having my 'throat cut' 2x and sounding like Alvin from the chipmunks for 2 months and not sure if my voice ever would come back. All that is done and dusted.

And so, yes, there you have it, with all this behind us, my husband and I lead a very blessed life. This was something that I was thinking about today: "I'm happy in my life". I caught myself singing out loud in the car this morning and saying 'hi' to the lady next to me at the traffic light, a happy stranger and we both laughed.

Yes, yes, it will change, there will be some down days too, that's a given but a day like this, a beautiful moment like this, is golden for me! And now I have to get ready for my shoulder treatment, well, there had to be a little snag of course : ) but I'm going to sing in the car anyway. Today is just that kind of day.


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  1. Hallo Christel,

    Mooi opgeschreven en soms zit je in een periode in je leven, waar je inderdaad om je heen kijkt en even stil staat bij je eigen leven he.
    Het leven is inderdaad soms niet eerlijk verdeeld en de goede mensen worden ons eerst afgenomen of die moeten iets doormaken wat ons als familie of vrienden dan ook mee raakt,...
    Maar geniet van al het goeds dat op jullie pad komt hoor, het leven kan zo kort zijn, hebben we net nog maar eens mogen ondervinden! (goede vriend aan huis is gestorven op 57 jaar aan hartaderbreuk en mijn schoonvader moet eind april een zware dubbele openhartoperatie ondergaan). Dus al de leuke dingen die je nog wilt doen, doen hoor, niet uitstellen!

    Groetjes, Jaimie