Baby BORN Doll dressed up like a Farm Girl

2:38:00 PM

Here is my first sewing project as blog member : )

I used the Dressing up! (BD1611) pattern for 43cm dolls.
I used a mix of these two farm girl outfits.

A few fabric remnants surely are enough to make the outfit.
I think they look nice together, don't you?

I now have to draw the patterns onto paper, this is something that I don't like all that much but I have to to be able to start. (Christel Note: the drawing no longer applies to the new digital patterns. These you only have to print and cut.)

After drawing the pattern pieces onto paper, I cut them from the fabrics I picked.

I love sewing, so for me the real fun job starts now.

The hat was the first thing I finished. After that the skirt and here you see the pinafore.

And look everything is finished! Please say "Hi." to my farm girl.
 My next project is already waiting for me. (A farm boy perhaps?)


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