Sewing a Boy Doll outfit. What a pleasant job!

8:09:00 AM

Sewing for dolls is such a pleasant job!

Small pieces of fabric, small buttons and tiny pieces of ribbon and elastic, I love it. Most doll clothes are cute, pink and girly. My daughters always loved (and my youngest still loves) pink and cuteness.

But I also have a two year old son playing with dolls and although he thinks pink is OK (and so it is) I thought it would be nice to sew something more neutral. Because I am a new blogger here I chose the Boys Basics Pattern, BD1612.  I started with cutting out the paper pattern pieces.
It is very easy to find the right pieces because all parts are numbered.  I found a nice piece of fabric in my closet for a dungarees. It has a blue and white checkered pattern. It looks like cotton but it's definitely a mix.
After I cut all pieces out of fabric the sewing can begin. Because it isn't a stretch fabric it is very easy to sew.
After a little time it already looks like a dungarees!
Because it isn't summer yet I found it necessary to also make a shirt. I had a nice white jersey fabric I wanted to use. It was a small piece but large enough for this purpose.
At the end I made a nice hat that my daughter wanted me to make and so I did : ). I also used the white jersey for this little project, and don't you think he looks cute nice?

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